Sunday, January 24, 2010

my luvly stuffs


i'm coming back to post sumthing here..
hope it will be an interesting one..
everybody has their own fevret stuffs rite..and i do have too..
i would like to share this becoz lately i got some gifts from my special one's been a long time for me not to get a present..last time i had it during my last birthday..i got a new pink shirt from my luvly fwens..thanx a lot..i hope dat i can still wear it bcoz i had tried once, twice n so many times prob is i'm getting big n bigger now..hahaha..and the latest one i got a purse n perfume..thanx for sumone..hehe..n sorie for not giving what u want..i dont hav money no talk..haha..wait until i become a billionare..then, u can ask me for anything (coz i know i wouldnt be such that person) haha..i didnt mean to show off but i believe dat everyone had their own. n we hav to appreciate it..dont look on price or whatever..what is more important is the value behind it..n lastly juz hoping dat i would not lost them..heheh..

                                             pinky, pinky n pinky..hee..

some of my luvly stuffs..hehe..

p/s: sorie, i cant upload the pink shirt..nextyme, i'll upload more n more pic

ok, i hav to stop many things need to, eat n sleep..haha..c u again..daa~

1 comment:

Zara said...

Maria....!!!sgt sweet!!!
suma cantik2..lucky u!!
(mode happy)
may u and ur love stay together and forever, happily ever after...