Thursday, February 18, 2010

~hungry but......~

oh no!!
my stomach start to sound badly..
plz be patient..
wait until tomorrow..
i'm not going to feed u..
plz do understand me..
i'm on diet..hehe..
seriously, i'm going to have a diet..
juz to make sure of my good health..
cant wait for tomorrow!! haha

~i'm sick~

I've been sick for 2, 3 ,4 days
n today is 5th day n still not well..

I'm sick..
sick of finishing my psm..
sick in luv..hehe..

oh, how i'm going to stand dis kind of sick..
pls sumone help me..
need sumone to hold me, to calm me down..
hope it will getting OK by tomorrow..

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Day With Girlfriends

last nyte, we were very tired..tired for being cheating huhu..tired for wasting our time..but it's ok!! we had so much was exciting as we could gathered n enjoyed ourselves..firstly, we decided to stop at rasa mas to fill our stomach there..sadly, we had been pity..actually, not a cheated but there was a miscommunication between the waitress and us..somethin to take note after that, it will never ever happenned on nextyme..but we still enjoyed our meal..then, the next spot was at secret, it's really a secret haha..we ordered 5 slices of cakes and everyone has chosen  their fevret cakes..n i took caramel cheese cake..again, we enjoyed our food untill..........I guessed everbody knows's hard for us to finished but at last, we managed to "clean" all the food..hahaha..then, karaoke session!!! Wow, everybody was suprised each others..What a "great voice" that we have!! hahaha (again n again laugh)..11 songs at all but still not enoughed..thanx guys for a great will remain in our memory..luv u all ~zara, aida, aza n yati~ mmmuuuaahhhh!!!


p/s: the pics were the candid one hahahaha..

Saturday, February 13, 2010


last nyte, i've watched out a movie entitled "motherhood" is really a mom is going to handle her children..and I felt touched to some of the words in dat muvie..u must wacth it for once and maybe twice or for many times..and this is a synopsis of that muvie:

Eliza Welsh is a full time housewife who is about to celebrate her daughter's 6th birthday. her husband is constantly busy and not at home. she has 2 children, Clara and Lucas. the first thing Eliza does when she wakes up is to take a snapshop of Clara sleeping. then.......juz watched it..hee

some of the words have made me touched:

"motherhood is not knowing what's going hit you next
what about when your child's hand is still so small that she or he puts that hand in yours with absolute trust?
their incredibly soft cheeks when you kiss them
the way their foreheads sweat when they're sleeping and the hair sticks to it
the hilariously weird things they say when they're learning to talk
the way you save their lost teeth after they fall out
and you've done your tooth fairly routine
like some demented Nazi
because you can't stand to give up any part of them
no matter how tiny"

a great ones!!

~kau & aku~

thanx coz still following my blog..this is one of my fevret song (d lyric only).. very motivated.. enjoy it..

kau dan aku
adalah satu
tak kira apa

segala rintihan aku
engkau selalu ada

biar kata memisah kita
biarkan saja
kerana terbiasa..

mengejar mimpi
yang pasti akan aku
sentiasa merasa kehilanganmu
ku akan tunggu saat bertemu

tiada terhenti
walau di mana kita berdiri
di dalam dunia ini
biar sampai akhirnya nanti

 semua tak terang di mataku
walau warnanya menyala
ingin merasa namun
aku tak kan cuba

biar kata memisah kita
biarkan saja
kerana terbiasa


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