Saturday, February 13, 2010


last nyte, i've watched out a movie entitled "motherhood" is really a mom is going to handle her children..and I felt touched to some of the words in dat muvie..u must wacth it for once and maybe twice or for many times..and this is a synopsis of that muvie:

Eliza Welsh is a full time housewife who is about to celebrate her daughter's 6th birthday. her husband is constantly busy and not at home. she has 2 children, Clara and Lucas. the first thing Eliza does when she wakes up is to take a snapshop of Clara sleeping. then.......juz watched it..hee

some of the words have made me touched:

"motherhood is not knowing what's going hit you next
what about when your child's hand is still so small that she or he puts that hand in yours with absolute trust?
their incredibly soft cheeks when you kiss them
the way their foreheads sweat when they're sleeping and the hair sticks to it
the hilariously weird things they say when they're learning to talk
the way you save their lost teeth after they fall out
and you've done your tooth fairly routine
like some demented Nazi
because you can't stand to give up any part of them
no matter how tiny"

a great ones!!

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