Monday, April 12, 2010

~Hey, they're coming again!!~

Akademi Fantasia (AF8) is coming again!!!
many people said AF is not relevant anymore..
yes, i have to agree that..
AF8 is not really attract me if compared to seasons before..
but i still watching it, a few students got their own talents..
but watching some other students with so-so talent has made me realized how they managed to enter this competition..aren't they have talented enough to be there?? or they only got luck during the audition, singing their fevret songs..op kosh it will be good to hear when someone sing their fevret songs since they always practiced..
maybe i have to try once, go for audition, singing songs that i've always do with a wonderful voice that i have, who knows i'll be a lucky person haha!
see u soon..

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