Saturday, July 24, 2010

5 min only

how to be slim?
yup..5 min is more than enough for someone like me to do a simple jog
i mean 'someone' is referring to lazy,lazier and the most lazier person haha
yesterday, i jogged with my 'gangs'
how come they able to jog faster than me
hoh, it was really tiring after 5 min jogging
it's only 100m i guess
how bad me compared to them

oh no!! 
is it a sign that.....hrmmm..!!
ok, i'm not a teen anymore..
times really flies away
and i really mish my old days

it's ok to have a piece sign while jogging as long as you still remember how to breath haha  

suddenly, 'pakcik arab' was behind us.we didnt noticed him at that time.hoho..very mysterious.. 
no wonder la he can jog faster than me..jog by bicycle ok!

still dont know the motive 'mencangkung' ni..penat kot..hehe
after jogging, i tried polish my skill as a badminton player.a very proper attire haha
ok,not nice haa. after jog, rest with mamie monster..
thanx to them..

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