Friday, September 3, 2010

hey you..till we meet again.. was like a fairytale..

i just finished up my job as a relief teacher at sek. men. keb. banting. almost 2 month i've struggled to give my best. and everyday, i always find myself to get better and better. hoping that they understood every single words that i spoke out during lesson.but 'siapa saya' to dream like this. 

they really made my life so meaningfull. it was a very amazing experience as i never thought teaching was really hard like this. they were very 'intelligent'. yes, a few students were really really intellingent in a good way. how about the others? yup, they also very intelligent but in cheating me, finding many reasons to escape from me. haha.. damn good guys!! keep it up!!

sometimes, those students made our life so 'beautifool' haha. thanx to them! since that was my last day, i got a few notes from my students, very sincere notes. a remainder for me not to 'kuat merajuk, nanti cepat tua'. i never realized that until they told me so.

notes from my students (1 ixora)
they left their signs here (1 bouganvillae) macam artis plak.
my rm10 nametag..haha

oh, i'm gonna mish them after this. no shouting anymore. tak boleh marah-marah orang lagi. no pukul-pukul anymore. oh, i mish to hit them with my plastic ruler. i wish all the best to u all. thanx!


Trah Wann said...

uhuhu sweet je budak2 tuh buat camtu ;)

mar yanie said...

budak2 zaman skang dah advanced..macam2 la..facebook pun dah penuh ngan dowang..kite dulu2 mane de camni..;)

Tina Farhana said...

waahh! cikgu kesayangan ni. huhu

Mz Nik said...

nikin pon bru abeh gak smalam cikgu ganti kat sek ren sronok sgt ngaja dak2 sek ren ni klakar,kekadang geram sebab kejap kat sini cikgu kat sana cikgu adoi pening2 tp very great experience

afif said...