Friday, November 26, 2010

Stop Child Abuse

Nowadays, we often read about child abuse and it seems like wouldn't stop by days. So, I think it is not wrong for us to 'jaga tepi kain orang' rite? For the children's sake, please be a busybody! haha. It should be urged in our communities, hoping that this will help put a stop to child abuse. This is one area where being a busybody habit can be very useful.

Raised Your Hand. Be Counted. Stop Child Abuse Now!

Do you still remember the United Nations Children's Fun (UNICEF) 'Get On the Board' campaign?


This campaign was conducted to create awareness, aimed at educating the public on child abuse and collecting 100 000 signatures on the website

Have you raised your hand? I have done it. If you didnt do yet, please click here and create one.
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Families were children's first line of protection. Children who grow up in a secure family life with love are often confident and well behaved compared with the peers who have struggled with violence and abuse.

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 The causes of child abuse are the most come from the changing in family members (I mean blended family-a family in which a child from a previous marriage is brought into a new one), increased economic stress, job losses, poverty, divorce, stress.

So, starting from now-be a busybody-. If you are witnessing the child abuse, do not afraid to report as it is the only way to take action against it. STOP CHILD ABUSE!!


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