Saturday, March 19, 2011

Persiapan pengantin bajet

The wedding is coming in just a few days. Finally, my eldest brother are going to marry someone after 37 years seeking for love *ceywah*. This is a moment where everyone is waiting for *what cu what cu waiting for lalalalalala*. We had time together, doing all the preparation by ourselves.

That's what we called 'persiapan pengantin bajet'. Because we're still in grief after arwah abah left us. So, we choose not to over-over for the upcoming wedding :). Our priority is to focus on the important ones like akad nikah, hoping that it will run smoothly. Let's check it out what we have for bilik pengantin..

Overview the bilik pengantin-to-be, before decoration. Argghhh, how to elaborate? pic tells u everything. Biasa la, ini rumah kampung kan. But to tell u, we're very comfortable even the room is not made of by batu bata. What we concern is SAFETY! T T

We together-gether memerah otak untuk fikirkan decoration yang mampu menutup segala kelemahan bilik ini. We decided not to over decorate it. Just simple but nice. Bila tetamu datang mulut tak pot pet pot pet cari kelemahan kita. Bukan kah itu sangat penting? Ok, stop babling!! Start working!! :D

At last, we came out with this decoration.....

Dont u see how creative we are, made use of curtain to be like 'tabir' and the recycled flower. To add the flava of the bilik pengantin, we put this. Come closer please..

Yeah, that's the package we offered u hahaha. My anak buah Faris, orang yang paling bizi dan penting time decoration ni. Peace!!

Very simple rite. Since this is for sebelah pihak lelaki, yup usually ia akan berlangsung secara kecil-kecilan. Bila perempuan kahwin baru kena meriah bagai kan, ada pelamin semua. So, I think this is the best that we can do for our brother. Moga bahagia dan berkekalan sampai bila-bila.

Okay this will be the last pic. Promise.

After all, I rasa nak campak henfon ni disebabkan un-very-cleared-pic *tepon murah bebel lebih pehal nak marah?*...Okey..bye.


Gen Fujita said...

37 years? This is truly inspiring, well, at least for me. Congratulation to your brother, and congratulation to you also for having another member in the family.

mar yanie said... no..what i mean here is actually he will turns to 38 this year..not 37 years seeking for luv..:)

okeh,makin tak paham..haha..peace!!!

siti nazihah said...

yani. bilo abah mu g? aku xtahu pun.

mar yanie said...

siti..2 minggu lbh dh..

~a.t.i.k.a.h s.a.l.a.h.u.d.i.n~ said...

bilo abe mu nk nikoh??

mar yanie said...

ari jumaat ni dh..mari la umah aku ari isnin dpn..:)

YAT said...

bestnye kawen!

mar yanie said...

yatt..sila kawem cepat..=P