Saturday, April 14, 2012

The end of everything~

 I'm thinking of shutting down my memory.
Give me sometimes to erase my memory.
And I really need timesssss to heal everything.

I'm not thinking to be friend with u.
Coz it really hurts me. Really really.
Just forget me and I'll forget u.
I promise this...

Pls people dont ask me about him anymore.
We're officially nothing from now on.
I wish him happy.

P/s..Kalau rasa nak muntah, pls get out from here. This is my belog. My very first time I exposed the feeling becoz I dont have anyone to share my kesedihan.. It really hurts me guys..End up everything at the age 24..Seems like u takkan percaya lagi pada cinta sebelum kahwin...How stupid me........